Tuesday, April 11, 2006

typical stay at hotspring

at the request of dbrane, i shall share what people usually do at a hotspring hotel.

first, take photo with brown bear (aka kuma) at 登別駅

and the jigokudani mascot (sorry yet to know his name)

after taking a shuttle bus driven by japan's grouchiest bus driver, drag your luggage up the slope (behind me is 第一滝本館)

after check-in, staff will show you to your room (just like in japan hour), and when you open the door, exclaim *wah, kirei!!*

like in japan hour, the staff will serve you tea and sweets.

by this time will be around 3pm. you may want to do some shopping at the shopping street, or go to jigokudani (to be posted later).

return to hotel at around 5pm, go for first soak.
entrance to the onsen



after soak, go for dinner. finish dinner at around 8pm. go back to room to rest and let stomach digest food.

at 9pm, go for second soak. (by this time, many taiwanese auntie tourists also go for their bath).

i saw many nenehs : big, small, lop-sided, full, saggy..

after soak, go back to room and sleep in comfy futon! trust me, you wont want to do anything else.

next morning, wake up at 8am, go for light breakfast. at 9am, go for last soak before check-out at 10am.

it was snowing when we left...


san said...

Like you said ksn- just like Japan Hour except in Japan Hour, they don't show the futon. Its always fold-fold futon and keep in small cupboard. but in here they look warm and fluffy. Yummy... btw in japan Hour also don;t have so many neneks..hahaha

kuro.shiro.neko said...

ah, yes, the futon is only set by the housekeeper when everyone goes for dinner around 6-7pm.

before i went for the onsen, i actually thought people in onsen will wrap the towel when they soak. only now i know it's because of TV lah..