Saturday, September 30, 2006

protecting my asset

i spent $460 and 2 hours fixing up my desktop pc on the new desk.

both $ and time well-spent.

why you may ask.

to protect the wires and cables from chewy cats, that's why!

before : all wires were exposed, and some felines just enjoy chewing on them, waiting for a chance to get electrocuted.

after : save for some visible wires below the desk, which i am going to bundle up in a minute, all assets and cats are protected!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a journey every one of us has to go through

sorry for the long silence

there's been a death in the family

grandma passed away peacefully at the age of 92

i must say it's been an interesting experience organizing the wake and funeral and stuff. wanted to take pictures of the wake but i think some people are quite "pang tang"


1) funerals are expensive ranging from 6-10K or more (so pls start saving for it)
2) you dont have the luxury of time to get and compare quotes from different casket companies
3) thus you are at the losing end and
4) most likely you will get ripped off
5) dealing with the living is a pain in the ass
6) what's with the red string at wakes?
7) there's so many variations to chinese customs eg. give orange, give red packet with 20cents, give red packet with $2, give red packet with 20cents AND red string
8) give orange to people who drive
9) give before the funeral
10) give after the funeral

headache and concussed...

but i survived :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

have you lifted one billion yen?

i have, at the bank museum in otaru.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

shikisai no oka 四季彩の丘

at biei 美瑛、北海道

this is my favourite photo of the trip
and this photo with probably the best travel partner i could ever have :)


ok, i admit it is a 无聊 video, but hey, was our first time encountering an automatic soup dispenser leh! dont you think it's ingenious? hee...

farm tomita

dont be deceived by the picture. it was summer and school holiday periods in japan, the place was packed with japanese as well as overseas (hong kong and taiwan and us) visitors.

perhaps coboypb curse and swear cos i was 麻烦 in insisting to take pictures without those tourists (believe me, if you'd seen some of their horribly-coordinated fashion, you would agree with me also), but i am happy with the results.

must thank coboypb for being so patient with me. we actually NG many times cos some idiots would just suddenly move into my picture.

but worth mentioning, japanese people are very 自动 (with initiative), when they see a person posing for a picture, they will politely halt and let you complete the process. that is unlike tourists from OTHER countries, including my own.

by early august, the lavender flowers were starting to brown, but it was other flowers' turn to bloom.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

kootoo and m&m

so this is old news (as it has already been blogged by mama piggy.

still, i wanna show you the cute 3 musketeers, kootoo, muffin and milo.

muffin - he is quite vocal in telling you what he doesnt like. however, most times he will lay on his fav brown so-soft-n-comfy cushion and snooooze.

kootoo - the top cat of the household. he has this really innocent look when he looks up. see?

milo - the youngest and darling of papa porky (i was told). hey, see how well he blends into the marble flooring? hee...

Monday, September 04, 2006

cats and i

or colloquially, "me and cats" (which is grammatically WRONG!)

these were taken on our trip, courtesy of photographer coboypb
at a temple courtyard in yanaka
at sumire ryokan with owner and kuro
at nyanda park. cat: 'someone get this idiot human out of my face!"
pretty classic tabby
abyssinian ready to pounce!