Sunday, March 15, 2009

facebook and being single again

i've sort of neglected this blog, due to an easier interface with facebook. if anyone of you are on facebook and want to add me as a friend, please do so, but please mention your blog name (i add selectively and only people i know). you can search my email addy nitrolil at yahoo dot com dot sg.

i like facebook's photo albums bcos it's so easy to add, and people can post comments. if you are not really into the facebook hype, you may want to consider signing up, if not just for the photo album feature, amongst other 无聊 stuff.

i am learning to be single again! initially, i thought i'd be lonely (yes, it's my main fear, having been with another person for 8 years).

but hey, i get to enjoy perks that i othewise would have to give up.

1) sprawling all over the queen bed
2) inviting my cats to join me in sprawling all over the queen bed
3) when i go shopping, i now think of me, me and only me!
4) when i da bao for dinner, i now think of me, me and only me!
5) my wardrobe has since doubled in space. time to contribute to the economy!
6) i no longer have to lower the toilet seat

strange as this may sound, i have also stopped smoking. i guess subconsciously, i am trying to shake away the old me that was trapped for the last god-knows-how-many years.

hopefully there are more good things to come.