Thursday, April 06, 2006

温泉 (hotspring) experience

once in the changing room (female only of course), everyone had to strip naked! all i carried with me was a small towel not more than 40cm long and 15cm wide.

at the main bath area, there were shower cubicles with small stools for you to sit and cleanse yourself. i was surprised that i enjoyed this more than i imagined. cos there were japanese charcoal facial wash, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and even pumice stone!

the 露天風呂 (rotenburo) was just like in japan hour! soaking in the hotspring, admiring light drops of snow falling. 気持ち。。。。


KXBC said...

Oh, ksn, maybe we are staying in the same place in Noboribetsu. The ryokan I stayed in has charcoal bath products too. Maybe just a coincidence!!!

I had thought too that I would not enjoy the onsen as I can't last more than 5 min in the sauna. But surprise surprise, I love it. Do it twice a day whenever I get the chance. Nice.

imp said...

cool!!! what an experience!!

san said...

Wah. Your very own Japan Hour experience. Must be something man!