Tuesday, April 18, 2006

l feel good this day

for once in my working life, i made someone cry. and i feel good.

well, that dumb girl deserves it. i was trying to cover up a mistake made by the company, by explaning to the customer and minimizing the problem, she just went ahead to *blow it up*. why? so that she can cover her own ass and prove it was not her mistake.

dear customer

xxx logistics forwarded the letter after receipt from carrier to xxx sales, which I believe in good faith they would have forwarded to your office right away.
(this is the part she said i put the blame on her)
the letter attached herein is the carrier's explanation of the unfortunate event that took place, which according to them they have tried their best to resolve. On our part at that time, we have consistently followed with carrier on their corrective action and stressed the urgency and importance of our customer's cargo.
(this part i am trying to say we really tried our best)
as a preventive action on our company's part, we have stopped using this carrier and constantly monitor our existing carriers' service and performance.
(this part to say it already happened 2 months ago so stop harping on it, and of course, we're really sorry)
we trust your understanding in this unforeseen incident.

to my letter, she replied to everyone (including the customer)

dear (to me)

please be informed that I have only received the letter from xxx on 23RD FEBRUARY 2006 (yes, in caps) and xxx is aware of this as per my reply to the customer on 23rd February 2006 in response to his email.

kindly confirm with xxx when did she receive email from shipping company regarding this late notice.

thank you.

then, when i approached her and said i am trying minimize the problem and hope the customer forget about it, she said my first sentence is putting the blame on her!

and she started crying, in the office

later she wrote this email to me.

for your info, the first time I have seen the notification letter is by
cc.mail from xxx on 23rd february and even if I could have forwarded to the customer
RIGHTAWAY as stated in your email, it's still considered too late for

since you claim that you get late notification from shipping company,
why don't you forward that same email from shipping company to the customer to explain that situation?

what did i do? i thrashed all her emails, cos i really cant be bothered to be as petty, or to rememebr what happened 2 months ago on 23 february.

moral of the story : never work with an eq low person, or one who has sales and marketing in his/her title!


imp said...

that is just plain dumb of the girl.

i thot she know whatever she emails, she should never never email to customer?! duh.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Another shit-for-brain hits the chart.

MR MK said...

DOG SHIT................. Hahaha