Thursday, August 30, 2007

chicken pox

i have chicken pox!

spare you guys the details of my "discovery" (damn gross).

anyway, please do advise on all those what to do/eat and what not to do/eat.

will be blogging more!

ps be careful, tis chicken pox season now...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

no need to spend $$ on slimming

slim down by 5kg in less than 4 weeks!


in the last 3 weeks, i have lost almost 5kg. thanks to working till 9pm everyday, and staff resigning on me so i can work even later.

for the record, since i held the reign of my dept, there has been 3 resignation and 1 restructured.

am i a slave driver or what? not that the resignees have ever stayed late. the one staying late is moi hor...


was pleasantly surprised i could fit into my levi's jeans once again.

no need to go shopping for new clothes liao.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

热浪岛 over long weekend

ok, i am one of those snobs that dont like to go 邻国 for holidays, preferring the likes of 1st world countries like 日本.

however, since it's been a loooong time since i had my last holiday (read : aug 2006) and stranded with a cursed job (read : more shit comes when old shit is cleared), i took up friends' offer to join them over national day weekend to visit pulau redang.

other than the treacherous long overnight coach journey, redang is one beach resort island that you wont be able to do anything there, but relax!


the breeze, the beach, the coconut trees, the hammock.

see pictures for evidence ^-^

got video also...

even though it is becoming more and more commercialized like tioman, i was pleasantly surprised that things there are so much cheaper. perhaps it's bcos redang is in the state of terengganu. people are simplier and friendly, with an almost kampong-like innocence.

for a price of RM329 for 3 days 2 nights stay including meals, snorkelling trips over 2 days, it is awarded **** by ksn =-=

resident cats at redang beach resort
btw, they only appear at the canteen during lunch and dinner times (not breakfast or tea)

blue-eyed white kitten and travel partner

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

word of the day

mo2 kam1 ye3

is what????

Saturday, August 04, 2007

i need to pick up a 4th language

to me, cantonese is very difficult. of course, those canto serials i can understand maybe 60%.

however, business cantonese is a totally different ball game.

i dunno whether i should be proud or not - my japanese is better than my cantonese any time.

especially pronounciation. you know, some speak cantonese with a hokkien accent.

well, i am one of them :(

fortunately, i want to boast that i can sing cantonese songs without (90%) hokkien accent.

i think my new ceo is getting a kick out of hearing me speak.

and he speaks so fast... he's quite cute, by the way :-))

help, anyone? canton pixie!!!!???....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

changes in the workplace

so exciting...

first time in my life i feel really energized, in a pool of shit (not literal)!

i am enjoying my work, not that it is easy, cos there's really a lot of shit. inventory's in a mess, no proper procedures, high turnover of staff..

i finally feel i can make a difference...

i will be participating in a restructure exercise..

time to kick some butt!

ps sad thing is i wont be able to go to japan as planned in nov...