Tuesday, January 06, 2009

essentials for kinabalu

hey, did you realise there are so many different forms of insect repellants in the market??

allow me to show you.. clock-wise from top left:-

1) All natural mosquito repellent patch : lately very popular - uses citronella oil to repel mozzies. stick on clothes, no direct contact with skin. buzzword : NATURAL
(the pack i bought is attached with a bottle of spray)

2) OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion : this one contains DEET, which is a chemical used to repel insects. used to be very popular before the natural stuff came out. i bought this due to recommendation by many climbing websites. Most if not all of them stressed "DEET"

3) Aquatabs : water purification tablets. on closer look it is actually chlorine! so i will be drinking chlorine water!!

4) Beyond Bodiheat : heat pad for 12 hours of pain relief. i am sure i will be aching ALL over... a little pad goes a long way... can even keep me warm.. *bliss*

and finally,
5) new anti-mosquito wristband : this one intruiged me cos it looks like one of those sports band... haha... whether it works or not never mind. it can be a fashion statement for my climb. i bought the yellow colour one.