Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my all-time fav 日本歌謡


choices choices

last night, i went to a trial yoga class, not just any class, it's a H-O-T class.

i've done yoga before, but limited to hatha and pranayama only.

so, based on my presumptions, i planned to dash off after the 90-min class, and was surprised when my colleague said she needed to rest after class.

i thought, how exertive can a 90-min yoga class be?

and boy, did i eat my words after going through a hellish 90 minutes.

1) it was hot, hotter, hottest
2) i have never perspired so much in my life (not even in sauna)
3) i felt dangerously close to passing out in the middle of class
4) luckily my colleague signalled me to lie down and rest
5) thank goodness i paced myself (and found myself lying down more in corpse pose in regular intervals)
6) and i needed the rest after class man! just flopped onto the couch in the lounge

so, now i have decided to do yoga on a regular basis (but stop short at hot class).

which one should i go to? there's pure and true.

still pondering....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

serious meeting

summit of the catnip producing economies

this chicken is mine, you can take the one beside it. let's share, shall we?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

substance users

my regular petshop delivered cat litter together with a boogie mat and kitty fun sack last night.

they were promptly well received by the gang (excluding the cat litter).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

i am a movie producer!

check out the 1st kuro.shiro.neko edited video.

starring : 5 kittens
producer : tinkerbell
video editer : kuro.shiro.neko

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

bandai characters

near my hotel in asakusa, i found bandai's corporate office. and this was what stood outside the building.

now reading

who needs catnip when she can read a good book?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

do take care

the flu season is here... in mrt, bus, office

will blog when i feel better... atchoo!

Friday, May 19, 2006

i miss リンゴ

one thing useful about that travel partner - he's a fruit freak. he knows all the names of fruits, and he knows which fruits produced where are yummy and which are not.

on the way to mount hakodate, we popped by a supermarket and bought this delicious and affordable apple! look at the size (compared to my mouth!)

this babe's from 青森県, and the apple's called 世界一. it was juicy, crunchy, sweet all at the same time! it didnt have the powdery taste that you get in a china apple.

for a non-fruit person, i actually enjoyed the apple!

love comes in many shapes and sizes

love and affection

in the form of soup
in the form of rub rub

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


email me for viewing (ma-jiam real estate agent eh!)


i love hotdogs! especially fat ones... heehee..

chasing laser

Monday, May 15, 2006

super manja chloe

hi, my name is chloe. i live with my mummy and (horrid) daddy and my 2 sisters. when we were found in a dumpster near geylang bahru by christabel, we were all very sick. my other white sister didnt survive and crossed to rainbow bridge.

we were nursed back to health, but due to allergy to some antibiotics, part of the flesh on my back was gone and my fur never grew back.

but i am happy because mummy loves me (she says i am her favourite), but i still get jealous when that orange bastard tries to "chop" mummy to himself! i dont like others to get close to mummy, so i chase them away with my claws and hisses. in fact, 2 years ago i got into trouble with daddy, and mummy had no choice but to send me to concentration camp. only until recently mummy missed me so much, she "psycho" daddy to have me back.

i have learnt my lesson and only chase that orange bastard away when daddy is not home. another one i cannot stand is that white hi-and-mighty-she-thinks-she-is-princess lilo, everytime i see her i feel like slapping her, which was what i did.

you've got to be assertive in the household, otherwise no one treats you with respect.

my days are numbered

i just came back to the office from a 5-day break

1) wed and thurs on mc (cooped up at home and watched 大长今)
2) fri was vesak day and a public holiday
3) sat and sun, well, being themselves

amazingly, i still dont have any work piled on me! except my dotted line boss asked me to submit my and my staff's appraisal forms by this morning.

hurhurhur... how come like that? how come i am getting paid doing nothing?

well, dont envy me, cos doing nothing is boring...

the other alarming signal - my cold has surfaced again in the office (i recovered since fri). that's not good, cos it meant my body is screaming resign from this company, or i will 跟你没完没了...


Saturday, May 13, 2006

pig out

last night went to botak jones again as i was craving to eat their cajun chicken.

it was really crowded, but luckily the weather was cool, as it had rained earlier in the afternoon.

the chicken was tender and flavourful, even though it was breast meat. also ordered the bbq chicken wings. they looked burnt but was surprisingly juicy! the tangy bbq sauce was just right, not too sweet or overpowering.

the other half had his 400g ribeye again... but since i wanted a portion of it, i asked for it to be medium rare. cant stand the rare and cold... like uncooked meat....

Friday, May 12, 2006

2nd kuro.shiro.neko video

i wanted to edit the video to make it better, but damn windows movie maker does not recognize mp4 files, and the converter, encoder and whatever couldnt work.

i gave up!

this is a typical scene during mealtime. the first person to dive into the bowl is weiwei and he also finishes his food in record time. notice how stitch and lilo kept looking up to kaypoh what i was doing, or asking why i so kaypoh?...
if you can notice kids screaming in the background, it's the kids at the childcare centre downstairs, mind you, i stay on the 7th floor and my back is facing the window (i am not even near the window). you get the drift.. =-=

Thursday, May 11, 2006

1st ever kuro.shiro.neko video

main star : mysterious stitch
guest star : lilo "whaddaya doin?"
guest star : weiwei "just sittin there"

Monday, May 08, 2006

good tonkatsu

since i was craving for tonkatsu, decided to go to tonkichi after class on sunday...

they had a new item on the menu! premium grain-fed pork for its hire or rosu cut.

naturally i was curious about how different *premium* would taste like.

my hire cut tonkatsu set came... it looked like normal tonkatsu...
but i was not disappointed - the meat was very tender and juicy, unlike normal tonkatsu, which could be a little chewy (esp the hire cut)


Sunday, May 07, 2006


this morning, i had to attend a make-up lesson at my language school.
let me sleep some more!!!

after class i went to kinokuniya, couldnt resist taking pic of this grown up boy, sitting in a pram and sucking on a "ni tu"

ah boy, how old are you? 4 years old... you're old enuf to walk on your own.. then my friend told me, there are kids who sit in prams and are pushed around by parents/maids until they are 7 years old..


what is this world coming to? is this what singapore's future is becoming? somehow, i cant help but draw a parallel between this boy and the young gahmen candidates... all spoonfed!

Friday, May 05, 2006

botak jones

last night, the other half and i ventured to amk ave 5 where botak jones opened a new outlet in dec last year.

steak and fries, oh well, as what my warehouse supervisor said, it's better than jack's place. and cheaper some more.

or to quote botak jones, damn good food at a damn good price.

other half had 400g us ribeye steak, rarely done.

i had lamb chop, a modest 200g, it was a juicy and tender cut, medium done, but i didnt quite like the fats all over my lamb chop. still the cut was a good cut, which can only be found in restaurants i think.

wrong choice

they offered to the geeky guy who came half an hour early for his interview, and looked so useless!

i hope he crashes their system, so they know they picked the wrong choice.

dont pick the wrong choice tomorrow

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

look at all the cute stuff

thousands of handphone straps and knick knacks

totoro almost a national icon
they even have r-a tissue box

dream catcher merchandise

if you like hello kitty

you'll go bankrupt in japan!

home cooked food

last weekend, m-i-l cooked the most sedap mee rubus. pardon the resolution, handphone camera flash very weak.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

long weekend

so, what did you do in the past hot and humid weekend?

we just nua-ed all the way!