Thursday, December 28, 2006

strange predicament

so i finally found myself a new job. yay.

i have to serve a THREE month notice period. help.

i am already so free in the office with nothing to do.

since the taiwan earthquake, email and internet are down in office.

nothing to do. nowhere to go.

any suggestion on how to pass time in office?

new year resolution, anyone?

sorry if i seem "dao" and not reply to your comments, that's only bcos my internet connection in the office is screwed!

or should i say zit, nil, zero.

btw, today is my birthday! want to know how old i am, clue is in simplejoysinlife blog. sorry, no hyperlink. you have to find the address yourself (hint, it's on my blog lah).

i was on tv on tuesday! but i didnt catch myself. that day, i went downstairs of my office to catch a tea break, when a channelnewsasia guy sneaked up to me and colleague. colleague literally scruffled away like a rat (and a big one some more!).

guy : hi, can i ask you A SIMPLE QUESTION?

turned out i got conned, tricked!

he didnt ask me A SIMPLE QUESTION. he asked me many questions.

as soon as i answered him, within split second, he asked another.

he was interviewing people on their new year resolutions.

i didnt have any. he probed and probed and i still didnt say any.. he finally gave up. haha..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

shadow or not...

i wanted to blog over the xmas weekend, but was too engrossed in play with shadow.

my worries were unfounded.

give him a toy mouse and this little guy turns from a meek weakling into a strong warrior.

these are some of his tender moments...

christmas ornaments

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006


it's really cold in the office... thanks to the rain for the whole of yesterday and today.

and it doesnt help that i am very freeeeee.....

nothing to do.....


i go scout around for cute cat videos from youtube for you all ok? :p

another one

very cute video, from the land of neko


my hand has been mutilated by my sweet littel darling black kitten!

i think he freaked out due to coco the fat one started to hunt him down.

he is too timid and has not stepped out of his room by himself.

every time he tried to venture out, he is greeted by adults hanging around at the door. actually, save for coco, no one is interested in him. everyone just want to get past him and go to his food bowl!

but alas, at the rate he is warming up, i fear we may have to return him to his foster and get a more confident kitten.

comon, shadow, show the world you are a man!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

thou shalt be christened...




kopi o?



Friday, December 01, 2006


i almost wanted to smack this man. and smash his vcr.

for some morbid reason, he was filming the entire funeral.

not only that, he was filming people up close and personal.

i dont like a camera in my face, especially when i am tearing and mourning.

at that moment, my anger overwhelmed my loss and sadness.

please lah, even if you dying to capture the moment, at least have some decency to respect the late's family.

whoever's idea this was to film the funeral, BAD IDEA.

"oh, what vcd shall we do today?"

"let's watch so-and-so's funeral!"


life is fragile...

one minute he's here, next minute he's gone.

please treasure your loved ones before it's too late.