Friday, April 28, 2006

bad habit

i have a bad habit.

i have no mood to work. my mind wanders.

this happens if i am this close to getting an offer. from the company i long to join of course.

they have free flow chips, ice cream and soft drinks.

they have a big pantry.

they have singing sessions every month. with wine as part of the refreshments

but for now, i can only wait... and wander...


imp said...

go home!!! have a good weekend!!

Melvin said...

Wow! Such good welfare to employees, I will love to be in such environment too. ;)

mrs budak said...

The name of the company starts with B and ends with G right?

Lucky you if you get the job. Here, we have to bring our own teabags!!!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

mrs budak, the company name starts with 't' and ends with 'd'.

anyway, many us companies have big pantries that are filled with goodies. for example, my ex-company provides staff with its own brand ice cream (made in france), chocolate, cheesy snacks etc.

KXBC said...

My company does not even provide the various depts a pantry. If you want, see if your dept head is willing to use some of the dept budget. Else, get your water from the water cooler.

As giam as the giam chye I had with kway zup this afternoon.

idlejikan said...

It's normal for anyone to act like this when one's not going to work in the company in near future. As for me, my notice period for my previous job took 3 months, I kind of worked at very relaxing pace. No more worry about the workload as it's not my responsiblity some time down the road.

When there's big pantry provided, it's a plus for your work. You can have as much as coffee break session as you like. I do hope so.

Wish you would hear from your desired company very soon. Hey! Enjoy your limited stay in existing company!

CatDonna & Cats said...


I SO can understand. Let's just say my situation is similar in some ways. :D

Ole' Wolvie said...

I only have tea, coffee, and milo in my pantry... ><

And I only use it for the sugar+hot water (me own coffee is yummy).