Friday, December 30, 2005

shopping drought

these few days i searched high and low on ebay and yahoo auction sitesss

nothing to buy!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

looking for travel partner

i spent the afternoon walking from orchard cineleisure to wheelock place.

these are all that i could find. a bit disappointing, but i got what i wanted (in some of these boxes)

i need to go japan!! will plan a trip for 10 days to tokyo in april 06.

looking for travel partner. i do not accept first-timers to japan, cos last time i travelled with one, ended up babysitting that person. i'd rather travel alone.

interested parties, please apply, interview conducted randomly.

oh, if schedule permits, subject to getting a travel partner, may extend to hokkaido.

pretty flowers

i won a 7 night accomodation prize


was trotting down orchard road this afternoon (with prized tikams just purchased) when i was approached by a young lad.

"you are singaporean? can do a short survey?"

what the heck, i looked at the paper, survey looked short enuf, no need to give personal particulars (there are some which solicits your address, phone number, ic number, etc etc)

lad asked a fwe questions, and within 3 minutes, survey was completed.

wait there's more.

to thank me, he whipped out 2 lucky draw coupons which i was supposed to peel on the spot.

one of which, had a building icon and he flipped his folder.

"congrats! you won 7 night accomodation in a city of your choice!"

of course there's a catch i thought, but seems like knowing my thoughts, he flipped to the page that has an official letter from the company.

blah blah blah...

we are not a time share company

but, i have to sit through a video presentation for 80 minutes. and i had to do it RIGHT NOW.

lad says, if you can do this (no obligation to purchase anything he added), he would get a bonus of $100.

still half suspicious, i followed him to the "video presentation".

at the heeren traffic light, he asked, are you single, do you have a boyfriend? i am like, what's the relevance?

"well, if you are attached, you have to bring your partner to the 80 minute presentation".

"but i can be single now and get married on 1 Jan cant i?"

"yes, but if you are attached, you and your partner have to come together".

i was really puzzled. what does this got to do with the prize i just won?

"oh, if you can show me your credit card, you can get $30 shopping voucher too"

by which time, traffic light turned green, i got really cynical.

and proceeded with my tikam shopping in the opposite direction.

sorry pal, if you cant get your $100. then again, i doubt there's really a $100.

i am thirty two

and i had a sausage for dinner on birthday eve, all by myself!

sausages save lives

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

pre birthday lunch at 和楽

牛肉 cooked over a stove and a piece of leaf. on the menu it said "why leaf no burn"

i laughed... grammatically

minutes later,

there was smoke

i laughed again...

but of course, there were less amusing dishes which were savoured, such as

and dessert

and then there was the present, which came in a BIG carrier bag

thanks mr khoo and mr toh!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry xmas to cat aunty and all

this is what will happen to many on boxing day

why i cannot be race car driver

cool car

neat interior

manic driving

me wanna

throw up

in pt cruiser

Thursday, December 22, 2005

i dunno whether to be sad or happy

my current job doesnt require me to think

i'm bored

i need mental challenge

or i can just rot and take salary

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

important announcement

for those who know me, i'm not exactly the shy type. and i have briefly mentioned my birthday on the blog previously.

here's the official one:

my birthday is on 28 Dec, which is next Wednesday, 来週の水曜日

now dont get me wrong, i am not solicting presents (though they are MORE THAN WELCOME). i just think there's nothing wrong with telling people your birthday, afterall, it's a day to rejoice and thank mum for bringing me into this world.

well wishes (and presents) are welcome... yes, even late ones!

how to eat sushi in japan

happened to chance upon this. interesting to note that japanese actually consume little wasabi, unlike in singapore, the more the merrier (like a scoop of ice cream!)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

xmas presents

if you do receive a present from me this xmas, you're really lucky!

i dont believe in giving for the sake of giving (though it's the season for giving), i only give to people i like. if you dont receive a present from me, it's either (a) i dont like you, or (b) i do like you but i missed you out

also, due to the many things to do (updating blog is one of them), i've got a little angel to wrap my presents.

thanks, little angel!

top 10 reasons why you should not shop at iShop

for a super "yim chim" (ie. fussy) person like me, the new apple cente at wheelock has my vote!

10) staff wear luminous green tees instead of moody black
9) staff are younger instead of haggard and/or hung over
8) wider range of accessories
7) brighter lighting in shop
6) merchandise at eye level (vs have to bend down and/or over)
5) staff not hanging around the display iPod sets
4) they're actually greeting and serving customers!
3) cashiers who are actually PAYING ATTENTION to what they are doing
3) and not making small talk with the sales staff, right in front of customers
2) so that they know exactly what they have scanned and invoiced
1) staff clear on exchange policy, so I dont have to repeat my story over and over

Monday, December 19, 2005

whats cooking?

whats daddy cooking in the kitchen?

smells really good..

orhh... its his recently perfected geno's fried rice paradise lor...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

xmas shopping madness

i went to Junction 8 at 7.30pm, thinking i would finish shopping and be home by 9pm (intention was to buy fancl stuff at 20% off and grab a pizza on the way back). boy, did i underestimated the power of cheap deals, or should i say, super cheap deals.

1) 20% storewide discount at Fancl J8
2) spend $30 and buy a carton of Pokka drink for $1
3) sure-win lucky dip of Oto and Osim prizes (Uzap, Power Stretch, Eye Relaxer, Portable Bike, etc)

thinking it was still early, i took a peek at action city on the 4th level (and got a ゲロロ tikam - couldnt resist!). by the time i headed to the fancl store, the q was up to the back of the annex. ended up q-ing for almost an hour, before grabbing my essentials. while q-ing, kept seeing people winning prizes at 3), which made me contemplate for a while - should i or shouldnt i?

i heard today J8's having midnight shopping madness. well, i'm definitely not mad or desperate enuf to q for 2) and 3).

i guess i could always buy xmas presents ahead of xmas, or even after xmas, but hey, i would be missing out on great deals, wont i? and half the fun is banging people with my sturdy aussino paper bags to get through the crowd (tough bedsheets indeed).. heehee...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

pool (the dry type)

dislike (but of course, guys LOVE it)

like (cos it's a feline, and i have a cue by this maker)

predator used to be really popular 2-3 years ago, thanks to its eminent "314" shaft that's made of 10 piece splice wood, which reduces deflection when you attempt a left/right english shot.

the craze now is custom production cues, inlays of semi-precious gems like turquoise, mother of pearl and abalone (in order from left to right)

new restautant in u.s.

went to a new restaurant near u.s. shopping centre last night. it's on u.s. road near lim tua tow road.

name of the restaurant was quite misleading. "macau portuguese barbeque"

they had cheese baked pork chop, xinjiang bbq with mutton, portuguese nut fried rice on the menu. also, cheese baked mussels, or should it be, baked cheese mussels?

unfortunately, my other half is allergic to shell fish..

anyone interested, pls "jio" me for dinner :)

oh, for dont know how long, they are giving away free drink & dessert (mango pudding)

we had this, can anyone tell what it is?

note : other dishes were gobbled down before pics can be taken

Friday, December 16, 2005

a stick for a stick

my other (fatter) half has decided to quit smoking for this

even set his own target to be end Jan '06

didnt expect sticks to be such good motivators!

oh well, i guess when you're surrounded by sticks all day long...

nels has not been better named

why? because it smells, of a certain race's BO... esp at little india and farrer park stations.

i have to learn to hold my breath for a longer time.

my little cosy corner in office

Thursday, December 15, 2005

be gracious

if you have been offered a tart or something, PLEASE, just accept it graciously. nothing irks me more than this question, "you dont want it?".

it makes me wonder, "do you think i am such a cheapo that i am offering you something JUST because i dont want it??"

ok, if you think i am such a cheapo, next time i WONT offer.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

tarts and animals

a young pretty business associate brought this when she dropped by this morning.

incidentally, she was carrying ALL's diary, and we chatted and found out she is an animal lover. immediately told her to go to heehee...

she commented, "when i saw you the first time, you looked like an animal lover"..

now, do i look like a cow or a pig??

Monday, December 12, 2005

10 reasons why iPod is better than "you know which" brand

meow, this one's for you!

10) battery life's apparently longer
9) sleek wheel vs cumbersome buttons
8) slender body and streamlined shape
7) rounded edge vs awkward petruding "you know which" brand
6) its back doubles as mirror
5) colour LCD
4) fun and colourful accessories
3) never mind the price of 4)
2) even box is very nice and compact (vs "you know which" brand)
1) fast power on/off (yes, i was so surprised i actually asked ishop person, "is there something wrong with my ipod? cos the power on/off is very fast. oh, you mean it's THAT fast?", and was embaressed when I got "the which planet are you from "look from him)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

hey did you hear

mummy's got a new iPod nano for her birthday (in 2 weeks time).

yep, it's with me. dont i look cool beside the coolest mp3 player of this day?

it looks good as a blanket too

hmmm.. i wonder what cool songs she will download?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

action city and "funbox"

dropped by plaza singapura (ps for short) this evening before going home from office, and headed straight to Action City. Boy, was it crowded!

i guess everyone's buying stuff for xmas... oh well, i was there with the sole purpose of checking out the box type tikam. not much choices, but i did find this :

just when i was so satisfied with my "dream" phone

i discovered a problem.

pics taken with the camera had a black spot on the right side like this

so i have to make a trip down to Nokia Care Centre@Wheelock tomorrow!

it's friday.. time to chill..

world of tikam

though website is in japanese, it's worth a visit.

just anyhow press, you will be able to see some of the latest and/or greatest tikam!

this is the company's main website

Thursday, December 08, 2005

why there was no post for the past 24 hours

tada~ i got a new phone...

and one thing i cant stand is, all the junk software being pre-installed. so i took time to delete all the useless ones, and of course, installed new stuff too.

anyone has nice ringtones to share? :)