Friday, March 30, 2007

i quit

i have tender my resignation.

without a job.


cos my body was giving way.

i had no energy.

my brain was drained.

heck, i didnt even had the strength to vent on my other half (which i used to do whenever i was stressed at work).

the constant stomachaches and cold sweat were the signals.

everything was just wrong from the beginning.

in retrospect, i should have just heeded my sixth sense when i went to sign appointment letter.

an expensive lesson, for a bored and complacent person dying for a challenging job.

well, i got what i wanted, and serve me right!

Monday, March 26, 2007


i apologise for the long silence. there's been so much going in my life right now (so much for wanting challenges! ha!), i am not in the right frame to blog (else my posts will come out as complicated and messy).

bear with me, i am sorting out fruits and vegetables, which is getting more complicated and tangling. but you know what they say, after a storm, all will be calm.

Monday, March 19, 2007

petfood recall in north america

please go to the following links

Sunday, March 18, 2007

things happen for a reason

wanted to title this post "i am being micro-managed", but decided to be more general and thought-provocative (whatever that means).

yes, i just realised that i am being micro-managed. surprisingly, i am dealing with it rather well! for my character lah. i think if this happened in previous jobs/companies, i would have 1) complained to colleagues and close friends 2) visualize myself walking out in a very fast pace!

i did not do 1) or 2). i guess i already know i made a very bad decision to join this high profile consumer e company, so what can be worse than that?

thankully, in the last work week, i made some adjustments to ease my stress and frustration levels.

i woke up at 6.30am, reach office at 8am and left mostly at 6pm. it's hard to explain to friends and family why i had to stay late (previous weeks i left at 7.30pm).

i really dont mind working hard, but in my situation, i dont get things done even if i stay late. things are very messy in the company. many process screw ups that no one seems to care (except me), boss just shove work down my way (not considering i am totally new in the company, cant offer guidance cos she herself does not know what's going on - and she has been in the company for 13 years).

this has brought me to think hard about what i want out of my career and what i expect from the company ie. the next one.

i am more focused and motivated to look for the next job. but not desperate.

i guess things happen for a reason. if i was not thrown into this shit (or rather, i threw myself into this shit), i would not have a chance to think so hard what i want to do with my skills.

for this i am thankful, and i pray i will come out of this a better person.

some serious thoughts for a sunday, eh?...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekends are damn precious

kxbc was right! it's hard to survive in an industrial park without going insane (well, he didnt exactly say that, but i'm sure he was trying to warn that i would go crazy).

no atm, no watson's, no clinic, no provision shop (gotta stock up on "monthly necessities")

now, weekends are soooo precious, more cherished than gold.

i went to 四马路观音庙 today. my beautician suggested i should go and 求签 to ask the Goddess of Mercy for some 明示.

luckily i had a friend who didnt mind going with me, and showed me step by step what to do (though she couldnt answer why the stuff needed to be done the way they were. she was also following instructions from her mum and seniors bah). friend, 谢谢你了!

i was really surprised i got a 上签. i was advised to finish what i have started, that i would have benefactor to help me.

well, i can only pray this come really quickly. cos i am losing my mind, cant sleep well, cant even take a good nap.

also, thought i should get out of my mistake fast, as i am not getting any younger. employers nowadays seem to be very picky. an ex-colleague just msn me to say she has been retrenched again.

morale of story : if your job is boring but you're comfortable, dont be like me itchy backside go and look for something challenging. wait like me suffer ah!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

all i can say about work is...


look for job first then leave.

will be posting this every day to remind myself.

my problem is - i am a perfectionist.

i cant stand imperfection.

and i had such high expectations of a certain world-class innovative hi-tech company

but it is really a rotten fruit.

very suay to start the year like this.

must go 拜拜 already. maybe 犯太岁 or 犯小人. anyone knows? i born in year of ox.