Saturday, November 18, 2006

loving siblings

and finally, grooming in action!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

geno-style mac chicken

with crotons

i prefer croton-less!

this is what i call a healthy, hearty meal.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

confessions of an options trader

or should we call it gambling? speculating?

by now you should have noticed i am updating my blog less and less regularly.

that's because i have been seminars and workgroups to learn how to trade (horrors!) in the US market (wah, so risky!)

i chose not to "announce" earlier because friends and acquaintances around me have been, and still are, SKEPTICAL.

"be careful dont get burnt"

"i have seen people lose everything"

"share market is so risky, are you sure you can make money?"

after dabbling in the US market for more than 2 months, i've got news for you.

i realised the real reason why people get burnt or lose all their money in the stock market.

it's not because it's risky (everything we do has a certain amount of risk)

it's not because market is unpredictable (well, to a certain extent, but not to that extent to wipe out your entire portfolio)

it's also not because it's difficult to make money in the market (there are numerous success stories out there)

there is one true root cause, and one only -


because people trade on their emotions.

when they start to see their predictions go wrong, they make decisions based on FEAR.

when they start to see their predictions go right, they make decisions based on GREED.

fear and greed are the 2 real obstacles to a trader's success.

another thing, when things go wrong, they start to blame the market, blame the broker, blame the economy, blame everyone and everything else but themselves.

how to make money when you dont own up to your actions and improvise???

to date, even though i am not making big bucks (just enough to buy treats for my cats, hehe), i can proudly say that i have learnt to manage my emotions, and able to make sound, rational decisions.

another common pitfall is people expect seminars to produce miracles for them. they spend a couple of hundreds or thousands, and expect the dough to roll in for them.

well, the only thing that will roll are my eyes!

trading is a lot of hard work, and seminars are just an introduction to the methods and strategies that have been proven to work. also, these stuff are not 100% foolproof. so people who go to seminars expecting fast bucks get rich quick schemes are going to be disappointed.

so the conclusion of this post - i have been spending time doing research and trading and less time blogging lah...

that's the main point i wanted to make. do ignore all the blah blah blah above. :)))

which type are you?

1) someone who just want textbook, model answer

for everything that happens, everything you do. you just freeze up and panic at the slightest sign of trouble. you refuse to acknowledge that life is not a simple textbook and things that happen are not going to just have model answer for you to follow.

you DONT use the brain that was bestowed on you to solve the problem. instead you just keep harping on how things and people should have SOP's. you also dont want to take responsibility for your own actions and more often than not, you find it easy to just blame others.

2) someone who recognizes life as full of challenges and ups and downs

you are ready to take on anything that comes in your way. well, maybe not everything, but you take it in your stride.

you may not like challenges and problems, but you do your best and USE YOUR BRAIN to try to resolve them.

you also try to take personal responsibility of your own actions. you strive to recognize your weaknesses and improve.