Monday, May 19, 2008


it's a hot day...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

coach items for sale

bought these in US, and would like to sell. consider them... impulse buy mistakes!


used once only. too bulky for me... but oh, the pink was so pretty i couldnt resist


used twice. too small for me...

interested parties, please contact me at nitrolil at

price is always negotiable ;)

here are the actual photos of my stuff

Thursday, May 01, 2008

random post about work

so i have been in the new company for 1 month already.

it has been an adventure, to be sent to eastern US before i barely warm my seat in the office.

i have been back for 1 week, and finally, i have recovered from jetlag.

thinking back, the 2-week US trip was nothing compared to what i have to face back home.

my boss whom everyone fears (because he will not hesitate to reprimand you in front of everyone else), stammers in front of the big boss!

it's not that he is not aware of his inconsideration. in fact, he told me on my first day, that he has a temper.

i dont think it is a temper he has. i think he is just ill-bred. he has the rudest habit of interrupting others. and he will start by saying, "sorry to cut you off, ...."

well, DONT. he is non-repentant. he is just RUDE.

the first time he did it to me, i just STARED at him. i could not believe it.

such a young, respectable, hardworking, and well-dressed director, he is just RUDE.

i think everyone has been giving in to his rudeness, thats why he flaunts it legally.

everyone else are guys, so i guess they dont give a shit.

well, i DO. it's called MANNERS.

i have to think of how to stop this rudeness of his, at least when he is in a meeting with me.

otherwise, lots of challenges and interesting problems awaiting me to conquer!