Friday, April 14, 2006

land of neko part ii

this kitten looks so adorable and clean. contrary to our petshops, they do take better care of their cats and dogs. i have not yet met a dirty looking cat or dog there.

this is the cat from my previous post

this cat and the next, are a pair sitting in a fish produce shop in otaru.

yes, this pair is well fed with fish and dry kibbles!


cat_aunty said...

Whah super fat cats

san said... fat. But soo happy. What kind of cat is that - the 1st one in this post? It looks surreal!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hmm... i am not sure. my eyes were really busy admiring cats as well as choosing what to buy, i didnt look at the breed profile!

KXBC said...

Think the small kitten may be persian and the silver one a BSH.

But I like the 2 fat cats of the fish shop. So fat and chunky. Must be real nice to cuddle and squeeze.

Ole' Wolvie said...

Change the color and you'd get a Garfield :D