Wednesday, November 30, 2005

tikam and cats

remember those ti-kams we used to buy when young? well, there's one shop near my office, and that is definitely not good.

2 of お茶犬

you see, i am a tikam fanatic. especially if the series has ネコ. just today i spent a double digit amount of $$ to get sakura cat out of the series of お茶犬(pronounced as ocha ken). but i got a whole lot of お茶犬, but none of sakura cat!

will go again tomorrow....

sakura ネコ

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

kitty cafe @ taipei

just wanna share this wonderful kitty cafe (xiao mao hua yuan aka little kitty garden)

photos are not defective, it's the warm fuzzy ambience of the cafe! there's even designated seats for kitties. now how cool is that :)

here's a kitty sleeping on the counter. now no one would complain about her.

quick, let's curdle for warmth and of course, LOVE

last but not least, man's and kitty's best friend

waiting for weekend

twix and friends

michelle, this one's for you :)

all packed and ready to go!

Monday, November 28, 2005

about career and job

this afternoon i received not one but two (!) calls from headhunters. of course telling me of career oppoortunities.

yeah, you know what they say - job opportunities always come after you accepted one.

so i am now in my new job for 6 months, what do i do?

do i 1) go and see what the 2 offers are?
2) just stay put - you have all the time to do cws work or even have a baby
i'm not exactly unhappy in my current, but definitely dont see any challenge in this company, post or department. nothing wrong with the company, it's just the culture and setup.

some people can stay in one company for donkey years. not me. i have changed at least 5 companies.

what do i do? stay and pass time, or take up new challenge?

ps one of the offers consists of regional travel including to india. now, that's challenging enough!

monday nite chillouts

mondays... should be spent doing this

occasionally I feel like this

Dont we all sometimes? ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

legs turn to stick idiom


that was how i felt after standing for one full day!

and like this too...

hello friends!

This weekend was most rewarding. i was at an AVA Responsible Pet Ownership roadshow. Even though volunteers dont show up, 2 of first time volunteers stayed to help from 10am-8pm (their original shifts were 11am-5pm.

We sold many coffee table books (The Real Singapore Cat), t-shirts, Xmas cards, bookmarks etc.

All proceeds will go to helping stray cats in Singapore.

If you would like to order any of the above goody cat-related stuff, please visit under Merchandise Section.