Monday, January 29, 2007


2 more days to freedom!

goodbye raffles place, i will miss all the freebies and roadshows.

hello 鸟不生蛋的 amk industrial park.

update on slimming and new addition

they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"

so i managed to take a picture that updates both my slimming progress and that of xena.

are you ready....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

closeup of xena / gina (tbc)

she has constipation. anyone has effective home remedy for that? i tried honey water, but doesnt seem to be working. last time she did her big business was 2.5 days ago.

Monday, January 22, 2007

counting down...

7 more days to eat snake... better treasure every moment of it

Sunday, January 21, 2007

hello bambi

shadow was sent back to the foster as we thought it wouldnt work out in the long run.

not only was there inappropriate elimination, he has become coco's practice target. and due to the attacks, he has become very jittery, nervous and would freak out easily.

freak out = attack whoever was near him (not cats, humans). i have got so many "souvenir marks" from him.

anyhow, i decided to take a smaller kitten so that the intro would be easier. this is what she looks like.

look at her long hind legs and pom pom tail! exactly like bambi...

keep fingers and toes and legs crossed...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

update on slimming program


original weight : 63kg
weight after 1 week : 61kg

not bad not bad... i know what everyone will say, it's probably water loss. however, i only did 1 session of hot blanket wrap (where you sweat out water and toxins). the rest were grueling fat burn cream and cellulite machine treatments (suction cups sucking on surface of skin).

the weighing machine (i dont know what the official name is, but these can measure your fat amount, BMI and water amount) said i lost 2 kg of fat (i think it's not relative weight), and my water weight actually went up (i am drinking more water and taking fruits, etc).

good news is, i have got over my 扣肉 withdrawal! in fact, now i crave for more fruits than fatty and oily stuff.

it also helped that i have to keep a food journal, which the consultant will review for me.

maybe there is hope to stick to the healthy diet afterall.

ps however, there were times i cheated, like yesterday, office had many many croissants from a hotel. i actually pigged out and felt very very guilty afterwards :(

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

$19.90 facial anyone?

has anyone tried neighbourhood facial or spa before?

just wondering if price is a good gauge of service and skill...

cos my usual facial in town which cost $90, can go neighbourhood facial 4 times leh...

Friday, January 12, 2007

side effects of slimming

ok, i know i am very 贱, but i simply have no discipline!

i lurve 扣肉 and the likes, friends "donate" their chicken skin during meals, i lurve all the unhealthy food.

did i mention i dont eat fruits? (yes, even if they're sliced very nicely and arranged on a plate and served to me)

till now. pay so much better make sure see some effect mah.

diet now :- fruits for breakfast
apple, tofu, fybogel before lunch and dinner
no fried stuff, no skin, no 扣肉 , no canned drink

thankfully, this is only for the duration of the slimming treatment.

want me to eat like that for the rest of my life, can die ah..

but, having said that, i definitely do not want to put myself through the fat burning sessions (hot, hot, hot!). therefore, next time, only once a week for 扣肉 , dunno can or not?

luckily, my new company actually has a gym onsite! yay! no excuse not to exercise liao. but never say never... humans are known to give excuses, terrible ones.

so... just keep checking back this blog to see if ksn will really defy all lazy bones in her body to exercise or not lah.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

comments on treatment


after this slimming program, i will 乖乖 stick to a sensible diet and exercise regularly.

kxbc was right in saying they shrink-wrap people up. but he didnt mention that beneath the shrink wrap is a thick layer of fat burning cream that is very hot!

luckily, after the wrap is cut out (fortunately, there is no hard sell in the place i signed up with), my skin returned back to normal in no time.

well, you know what they say, no pain no gain.

i barely made it through the 1st session. after today's 2nd session, i will post some details of the process.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i've got january packed full of stuff - part i

gulp... i signed up for a... gulp... slimming package!

well, the story goes like this, last weekend i was in orchard trying to shop for new work clothes. i couldnt fit into a size 40, and 42 was a barely good fit! i am like, "i am going to run out of pants to buy!"

without any hesitation, i went to the slimming centre which my colleague is having her treatments at, and of course i didnt get conned into buying expensive packages.

i knew exactly what i wanted, to get rid of fats in the deadly zone : tummy, hips and thighs.

i paid $1200 for 7 sessions that specifically target my deadly zone, get rid of fats and also reduce the cellulite. and hopefully i can fit into a size 40 or even 38 once more

for those who are interested, i will be posting progress reports on my blog...

akan datang...

Friday, January 05, 2007

shadow anyhow 大便!

anyone knows how to stop improper elimination.

our dear prince of darkness, shadow, is doing his business everywhere except the litterbox!

he has his own litterbox in his own room. and so far, he has taken a liking to my white ikea chair and the floor.

well, i dont think he does not know the litterbox, cos he has done business inside before. so i really scratch head wonder how to make him go in the right place.

anyone? help!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stay put spa or overseas holiday?

with only 29 days away from my last day of work in la la land (read : nothing to do cos my foreign boss wont delegate), it would be almost impossible to go overseas for a decent holiday (forget the neighbouring country, not shortlisted by moi)!

gasp! how can?? no one starts a new job without a holiday!!

besides, it's probably my last chance to take leave in a while (there must be so much shit piling up my new company is buying me out).

没办法啦,只好待在这里,pay double the price for spa, which i could have had in bangkok, phuket or bali.

then again, 33岁了,觉得自己越来越怕死。

all the bombings and air crashes made me think twice about holiday...

oh well, i guess this hotel and this spa also not bad lah...