Monday, December 29, 2008

i was fat last year?

i bumped into ole wolvie in a recent local meet-up where like-minded people got together for a common interest (well, at least thats what i went there for).

he said he could not recognize me as i had slimmed down a lot!!! hey, was i that fat then?

anyway, i was glad to meet him in person - it was like fate... so carefree... so un-pretentious...

お久しぶり、ole wolvie san...

me then...

me now...

Friday, December 26, 2008

hakone and mt fuji

we were lucky that it was a very clear day and mt fuji could be seen. can you see the iconic mt fuji in the picture?

more pictures of cateriam

tera could be in heat now, she kept rolling on the floor. btw, she's an ocicat and scottish fold mix

isnt this ponchi adorable? look at her innocent eyes!

this is dori - a ragdoll. she's rather inactive, prefer to pass her time in the basket

this is my favourite - airu, a calico maine coon. her fur is so soft, i kept molesting her! hehe..

cafe area

kaypoh cats checking out our jackets

xmas lighting at shiodome

cat cafe

more and more cat cafes are opening up in japan.

this time i went to one in 下北沢 called cateriam, opened in july 2008.

even though there were only 8 cats, i had lots of fun, and missed my babies at home.

sleeping black cat - can you see its pink tongue and white whiskers? this one is koko.

chincilla cat - even though i am not a fan of flat face, i find ponchi very cute!

and finally, tera sucking on my arm! on cateriam's website, it is written that tera likes humans wearing short sleeve tops - AHA!

long overdue!

paiseh paiseh... i had all the intention to blog on a daily basis in tokyo. alas! i had to be a babysitter cum tour guide, that the dual role drained my energy by the end of each day.

btw, i think this will be my last trip in a long time. flipping through my passport, i realised i set foot in japan 7 times in the last 5 years! also, i made 4 overseas trips in 2008, adding up to 1.5 months or 50 days! and thats not counting the short quickies like bangkok and penang

so, here comes the pictures... this time, i did not bring my trusty panasonic lumix, as the new 4gb sd card i bought could not be used in the old lumix. most pictures were taken with handphone or by travel partner.

this shinjuku shot was taken from my 31st floor room at hilton.

foreigners can no longer buy cigarettes from vending machines, as japan has implemented a control system whereby one has to tap an id card called taspo. buying from cigarette shops actually makes no difference, ie price is the same, and sometimes the pack comes with free lighter or portable ashtray, all at the same price!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i promise...

to update my blog for my trip everyday!

yes, heading to the land of cats again... this time half on business, half on leisure.

this is actually my first business trip to japan. and even though company is in bad shape, in survival mode, i still get to go! well, considering the potential saving i am going to bring to the company, i guess it is a justifiable trip (or so i'd like to think).

this blog has been kinda dead since marital woes kicked in.

well, i assure my readers (you guys still there?) this is going to be a fun trip, so look out from tomorrow onwards!