Sunday, April 09, 2006

as we come to an end to the japan trip

pls vote - if you had had to choose, would you prefer to travel with

a) someone who is literally mute, so you have to decide what to eat and where to go
b) someone who is mr/ms know all, who decides which train door to stand at, changes his/her mind where to go and where not to go

will catch up with all of you when i am back (reaching at 1.30am monday)



san said...

I would not chosee any one of the given scenarios :)) Both would give me a heart attack not to mention, total aggravation.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Neither. Thats why I travel alone :)

Anonymous said...
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meow said...

i'll have somebody in between

kuro.shiro.neko said...

meow, i said must choose between 1 and 2.

meow said...

ok lor.. then 1 bah.. at least wouldn't spoil my holiday.. hee..