Monday, April 24, 2006

to re-ignite old flame in me

tomorrow, i will go for the turning point meeting of my career (cos i'm reaching mid-30s liao).

and i is worried. why? bcos in the past 10 months in my company, i have become a conformist. i conformed to my company practices, though no matter how hard i tried to break down walls, the walls in front and beside me, are incredibly dense.

i worry the senior person i am meeting tomorrow will see me as a non-motivating person. i have to admit, i have lost some fighting spirit in the last 10 months.

i worry that i will give standard, conforming answers to his questions. i have lost my creativity in the recent days. (the most creative thing i am doing has to be this blog!)

for the sake of tomorrow, i am gathering strength, calling upon my mentor, ex-boss, hr expert, all from my previous company (which although i left due to compelling reasons, was very inspiring in terms of culture and ethics).

i will try, try to break away from these webs that tie me down.

i will break free!!


imp said...

sleep well tonight.

when you wake up tomorrow morning,look into the mirror and tell yourself: "i am what i want to be!"

you'll do great. good luck.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Food for thought....
1. One is as motivated as the people one is working for/with
2. How can the mgt expect one to swing a samurai sword if they give one only a 3x3 space of (fill in the blank) - hint: creativity, control, decision making power etc
3. In this world, we need big rocks and small rocks. We require leaders, followers and doers. if everyone is a leader, will the world not be a VERY noisy place?

good luck.

coboypb said...

Hope your meeting went well!