Thursday, July 26, 2007

bitchy witchy bitch

something happened to me at work. dont think it has happened to any one of you..

here goes...

the new financial controller (mid-thirties, around my age) saw one of my staff (whom she disliked, for whatever reason) skyping her temp boy, and my staff (let's call her "A") defamed her. cos earlier FC made one of her girls (let's call her "J") cry.

FC printed out the skype history, which consisted of 2 pages, and shot straight to HR room.

of course i was called into my boss's room, with FC and HR director, and the 2 pages of skype history.

women are the pettiest creatures on earth! in that 2 pages of skype, mostly harmless chatting, consisted of one liner, A saying FC was a bitchy witchy bitch.

thanks to A, i was lectured for not taking my staff into hand and blah blah blah... of course i had to say she was very irresponsible and unprofessional, blah blah blah...

i looked back and wondered what i would have done - prob nothing, cos when there's instant messaging, there will be gossip...

ps FC is really a double-headed snake, as confirmed later by J. J has tendered her resignation...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

i lost weight!

wah... if i knew getting the flu for one week can result in losing 3-4kg, i wouldnt need to spend that kind of money to go for slimming lo...

do take care people, flu bug is very resilient.

i can be labelled as MC queen already. work for 3 months, took 5 days mc liao.

stress plus crapping my style to micro-manage incompetent and new staff caused this.

i'll share more over the weekend, over a cuppa and perhaps after a nice traditional indonesian massage... aaaaahhhh....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

i did eeeeet!!!

wah, cannot sleep tonight.

i actually played a frame of 9 ball with reigning world pool double champion, and beat him!!!

ok ok, how can i be so good right? i was just lucky lah, or some say, he "pang qiu" bcos i cha bor.

nevertheless, it was a good night. he was super choon man!

see my eyes, just star studded... ahahaha...