Friday, July 28, 2006

la la mood

despite the fact that i got rejected by "a certain company who doesnt recognize talent when they see one", on wednesday, i am still perky and almost unaffected by the bad news

i guess it's due to looking forward to lavender trip

7 more days

already drooling at the pictures of genghis khan lamb hotplate bbq

Thursday, July 27, 2006

4 meals to 3

finally, managed to convert the gang from 4 meals a day to 3.

the cunning brood, used to meow at different people at different times of the day, resulting in them getting fed 4 times.

1) 7am - mum feeds after wake up
2) 4pm - mum feeds when they meow to demand
3) 7pm - mum feeds when they meow to demand
4) 8pm - i reach home at 7ish, 8pm, they meow to demand after i settle down (well, sometimes they dont even let me take my dinner first)

now, this is standardised to

1st feed - 7am
2nd feed - 4pm
3rd feed - 9pm


"we want to faint liao, no supper for us"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


i'm finding more and more english websites, asahikawa

and getting information overload!

so many places, so little time

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

updated itinerary

due to some foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, our itinerary has been tweaked slightly, to save on one night accomodation and gain 1/2 day in tokyo.

ready? here we go again...

day 1 we arrive in narita at 2pm, take a 1 hour train to asakusa. the toyoko-inn is a little out of the way, but we get business twin room, own queen bed and own tv! also, coboypb wont have to endure my snoring. hee..

day 2 asakusa 浅草, jimbocho 神保町 (book town), yanaka 谷中(cat town)

day 3 going to take the 7am train from ueno, and reach sapporo at 5pm so that we can check out susukino for good food like genghis khan lamb or ramen

day 4 day-trip to 層雲峡 sounkyo, which according to kxbc, the waterfall is very small! we should have more than sufficient time to go for hotspring. we're spending the night at asahikawa, which will make it easier to go to tomorrow's destination

day 5 set out for furano 富良野 and 美瑛 biei at 7.30am. night at no picture ryokan with a cat

day 6 continue to tour furano and biei, before heading back to sapporo for attached bathroom and personal bed and tv! (ryokan usually has common bathroom only)

day 7 going to odori park, bake cookies, bring coboypb to famous (but over-rated) tokeidai and sapporo factory (which is really a shopping mall)

day 8 this day is open, maybe we will go back to furano, maybe make our way south down to hakodate. whatever we choose, our night will be spent on the shinkansen train

day 9 which brings us to tokyo at 10am. hey, we have gained 1/2 day from original plan!

the rest of the itinerary in tokyo is more or less the same.

counting down to 11 days!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

in need of speech therapy

yesterday, i went to the sg cat blogger meet-up. it was held at marche suntec city. we occupied a long bench and everyone had ample space (so there was no hissing and swatting).

we were there for more than 3 hours, sharing stories about our cats, our spouses, our careers, some funny, some outright gross (eg. anal SACS), some heart-wrenching, some naughy, some evil.

and i realised that i was s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g to speak proper english. i mean, i dont have a speech or tongue problem, but there i was, struggling!

well, it didnt come as a surprise at all, considering the lame english i have to put up with at work.

"cost down" = cost reduction
"getting up" = increasing
"getting down" = decreasing
"severe" = for everything strict, not good, serious and severe
"check" = for verify, confirm and of course check


Friday, July 21, 2006


who can resist these flowers?

japanese rose

french marigold



scarlet sage


spider flowers

ok, never heard of the last 2!


i think some people are amazed how i can go to japan again in the same year.

well, as i mentioned in my earlier post, japan is not expensive.

that is, if you know how to get around.

of course, i cant help you if you want to eat expensive fishcake and soba everyday.

anyhow, here is my rough budget for anyone's reference. note that the april trip was cheaper as it was end of winter in hokkaido (hotel saved by 30%) and before the start of golden week holiday. also the airfare package to hokkaido was at a super-discounted price and included a one night stay at hotel. note : such packages can only be purchased in japan itself.

airfare : $625 (northwest airlines)

7-day jr pass : $397 (for train to and from hokkaido and within hokkaido)

accomodation : $735 for 13 nights (per person, and you get your own double bed, private bathroom, etc, at toyoko inn).
transport (mostly subway) around and in tokyo : $80 for 7 days (800 yen per day)

food : this is the tricky part. but of course we're not going to go broke by eating at restaurants every night. you can have quality meals even in convenience stores!
so set aside $480 (2500 yen per day)

toyoko inn provides miso soup and onigiri (rice ball) breakfast and coffee (very important), but i know i will get sian of it soon. however, it is a good way to save money and also good if you are rushing out and want to save time in the morning. i usually eat 2 onigiri and have coffee in 10 mins, then head out to wherever i am going, before selecting a sumptious lunch!

another tip : supermarkets offer low price sushi and bento sets from 6-8pm, and by low i mean really cheap : 500 yen ($6.90) for a 15 piece premium sushi set *can be shared by 2 persons). of course, the freshness and quality also must discount. it will taste like our sakae or genki conveyor belt sushi.

fruits : can eat all the seikai ichi apples at very low price!

total excluding shopping : $2237 for 2 whole weeks of good food, great service, great company!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


this makes me want to extend my stay in furano to 3 days!

cheese factory, yum...

wine factory, yum...

jam factory, yum...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


i despise people who dont use their brains to think, who conveniently say "just follow past practice".

cats can think better.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

lavender and cat discovery tour

day 1 drag self out of bed at 3am to take crammed flight to tokyo.
arrive at 2pm, check in, head out to roppongi hills

day 2 asakusa 浅草, jimbocho 神保町 (book town), yanaka 谷中(cat town)
these are all cat-residing areas, according to my book
originally planned to go to ghibli museum but tickets are sold out

day 3 take train to sapporo. reach at 7pm, eat ramen!

day 4 day-trip to either asahikawa 旭川 or 層雲峡 sounkyo

day 5 land of lavender - furano 富良野 and 美瑛 biei
we will be staying at a small family-operated inn. as you can see, not much about the inn is stated on the website, so we're really taking a leap of faith, because of the cute cat!

day 6 hope we dont suffer from lavender overdose, anyway we head back to sapporo at night, back to land of ramen!

day 7 depending on our mood, may go to shiroikoibito's factory to learn to make yummy cookies!

day 8 probably try to find some cats in sapporo

day 9 at noon, take a train back to tokyo, reach at 10pm

day 10 jiugaoka自由が丘、daikanyama代官山、 shibuya渋谷 for shopping at small shops and for cat stuff too!

day 11 mitaka三鷹 for ghibli museum, kichijoji吉祥寺, koenji高円寺 and shimokitazawa下北沢 for barang2 and cat stuff shopping

day 12 coboypb and i have decided that if we have no lack of cat companionship during our trip, then we will do a daytrip to one of the mt fuji area lakes, if not, we will head to catland

day 13 depending on our fruitful/less shopping and adventure, this day is planned for tsukiji築地, ningyocho人形町 and odaibaお台場. for tsukiji, it's the largest fish market in japan. there are plans to shift the market to another site and close down tsukiji.

coboypb, be prepared to wake up at 6am in the morning!

day 14 do last minute omiyage shopping at ameyokochoアメ横町 / ueno上野, and head back to singapore

Monday, July 17, 2006

sunday afternoon

the sun was so hot, good for sun-tanning ah!

Monday, July 10, 2006

cat open house in japan

ok, people actually pay to visit a cafe to play with cats.

1 hour 500yen, approx S$7

who wants to come to my house? hahaha... i charge only $5 an hour lah...

for cat lovers!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

a community calico named playful



quick returns

quick clicks

quick response

quick risk

they add a ray of excitement to my otherwise dull worklife!

lizard tale

i witnessed a brutal murder last night.

lilo jumped up the window grill and swiped a lizard down (it was up
there the whole night).

amidst the 1 minute commotion, lilo managed to keep the lizard in her mouth
the whole time (the other 5 were trying to pry it away from her), and
somehow killed it (there were even traces of blood on the floor).

i had to wake my mother up so that she can dispose the body (plus the tail
which had dropped off).

stitch was actually staring and meowing at the lizard for the whole night.

wonder how he felt, his sister just took away what he was eyeing the whole night!

Monday, July 03, 2006

scuba equipment for sale

i'm hanging up my fins, and have the following equipment to let go.

1) dive comp
2) fins
3) mask
4) wetsuit
5) booties
6) safety sausage device

price negotiable, do note that all equipment were used for not more than 2 dive trips, all well maintained.

pictures here

interested, pls email me (in profile)