Wednesday, March 08, 2006

sales and marketing

what do common folks understand by "sales & marketing"?

some companies hire "sales & marketing" executives

to me, a sales & marketing department is crap. they exist in companies which live in the old era. such as, my company.

for a start, sales and marketing have very different objectives. sales is very number-driven, marketing is about penetration and development of new products.

my sales & marketing dept thinks they and/or customers are god, and try to tell me how to do my logistics job.

my logistics exec calls them pita, pain in the butt

i agree


Mr MK said...

oh well, tht's the life

Cat said...

Just a fancy name to replace Salesperson. Most local firms don't know or care the difference between sales AND marketing.
But u are right, they are a pain in the ass. Think they own the earth just cos they are the so-call 'profit' centre. As if. Usually they spend more than they bring back to the table.

Sorry, big chip on my shoulder too. :)

kuro.shiro.neko said...

well said, cat!