Tuesday, March 14, 2006

for pocky fans

click here and drool


san said...

WOAh I like pockys. Used to buy them everyday after school. I like them choc ones best. Not the strawberry ones. The pizza ones has quite a nice taste but chcocolate wahhhh. Then in this site there is one with the ooodles of chocolate. Where to get ah..where to get? In japan issit?

animalfamily said...

wow, that's some pocky fetish.

san said...

Haha. yes..it feels like it but this is just to tell you that I was at Tampines mart today and chanced upon this little shop selling plastic containers. And what do I see? POCKY - the one with ooodles of chocolate. I got the one with dark choc.Yup. It taste like dark choc and coconut though. Not bad. Actually the aunty said, it's been selling like hot cakes cos the shop is near a school. :)