Thursday, March 23, 2006

bryan settling in


KXBC said...

He is very cute. I think there should be no problem getting him adopted. If I have room for one more, I will take him. He reminds me so much of Cookie and Kim Kim.

CatDonna & Cats said...

Aww Bryan is so deliciously cute, I could lick his little furry face all day!!!

...Hang on, who's lying next to him?

OMIGOSH IT IS THE INVINCIBLE BAD BADTZ MARU!!! So he actually escaped the murder squad and ran away to live with Bryan! Oh praises be!!!!! I must inform Chief Inspector Teddy right now.

Inspector Pip

KXBC said...

I think Bad Badtz Maru is dead already. He is lying face down. Don't tell me Bryan squashed him to death!!!!

Bon Bon

purrsNswipes said...

How precious! Bryan has the same type of marbly patterns like our sweet little Milly, only his swirls are bolder and stronger.

Darn, I miss her!

PS Just stumbled across your blog, courtesy of vegancatsg. Hajimemashite!