Monday, March 13, 2006

kuro's tip #6 - more onsen and ¥saving tip

from a taiwanese guidebook titled 無料北海道 (literally, free hokkaido), found the following onsen place at otaru, with free bus service to and from sapporo.
the onsen entrance fee is ¥600. the train fare from sapporo to otaru is ¥620.

taking the onsen bus would let you soak in onsen for free, and save ¥20!

who says japan is expensive?..


imp said...

now you're making me have this urge to book airtickets to japan.

san said...

Yah Yah, This is where we were thinking of going - courtesy of watching endless hours of Japan hour. The onsen route. :))

kuro.shiro.neko said...

northwest round trip only cost $650... hee... but flight there is at 6am, ungodly hour!

treat it as revenge for making me crave and buy half dozen of bird's nest the other time!