Thursday, March 02, 2006

canned food time

notice that weiwei has already finished his plate. there is another empty plate which originally belonged to cleo, but she's not a fan of canned food, unless it's sheba. unfortunately, it is not imported into singapore.

weiwei checking out how stitch is doing. he is a little slow in noticing cleo's plate which is almost untouched.


cat_aunty said...

I had seen Sheba in Perth, but it was a different packing, a bit like the local Cesar dog food. You bought from Japan is it?

cat_aunty said...

Hmm WeiWei always finish the food first? Ref blog on Feeding Military Style

kuro.shiro.neko said...

the sheba i gave tnem looked like our sardines packed in olive oil. they were samples at my previous company.

i think they might have revamped the packaging. the sheba in aluminium tray was carried by petstation in singapore few years back but never took off. expensive and not tasty!

weiwei always eat first and finish first. he gobbles down his food, and then squeezes his head into others' plate/bowl!