Sunday, March 12, 2006

kuro's tip #4

transportation cost will always be a major part of travel in japan. especially if you intend to go to many places, or should i call station hopping?

this following tip is not for the faint-hearted or lazy feline... cos you really have to plan your trip well in order to save time and $$. too difficult, join a tour then. natas fair is coming (24-26 March).

everyone has heard of the jr pass. but did you know that there are other cheaper sectoral passes like the hokkaido rail pass, jr east pass for those who only travel in kanto area, jr west pass for those who focus on Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya and the vicinity. finally, there's a jr kyushu pass which strangely enough, is limited to one time purchase per peson only.

for kuro, the hokkaido rail pass is definitely worth considering. however, the street smart travel partner has found an even better way to save $$, ie. to travel without paying! yes, you heard me. no, we are not going to put our thumbs out to hitch hike lah.

look out for the next tip.

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san said...

Thanks for the tips about travel in Japan. Some friends and I were just thinking about going there next year when we were at the japanese restaurant at Emerald Hill. :) We were thinking that we had to save mucho money but with all yer tips, I think we would be better at it. I take down notes and then I tell them like a very good student. :))