Sunday, April 27, 2008

to wrap up my US trip

if anyone is wondering why i am up so early, it's bcos my body thinks it is 6pm...

yes, the amazing jetlag. actually it has nothing to do with the aeroplane i took, save for it took me to my destination. shouldnt it be called time lag? haha..

so, to wrap up my trip, i guess it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, though i put on 1 kg from all the pizzas and bread and seafood and clam chowder, my colleagues took really good care of me. and in a country like US, most wouldnt go such a way out, to take me out on scenic drives and sunday lunches.

i made a week of roast beef sandwich for breakfast, since eating out was really expensive, and i wouldnt want to spend my allowance on food! the roast beef was very tender and yummy.

when i arrived, the weather was very cold, and the trees were bare.

when i was leaving, the weather warmed up, the flowers were blooming!

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imp said...

i'm terrible. on every work trip, i blow all my allowance on food. heeeheee.