Monday, April 14, 2008

still waiting

it has been more than 12 hours, and i am still waiting for my luggage. it is sunday 3.40pm, and i am stuck in the hotel with nowhere to go, and also i dont want to go anywhere until my luggage come in safe and sound.

morale of the story - do not rely on the reconnecting baggage check-in service here.

better to be on a bit and drag the luggage to another terminal for checking in the usual way.

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I do not like USA business trips said...

If you are going to go to USA on a regular basis, strongly encourage:
1. Buy travel insurance so that you get paid for all the delay to fund your vacation
2. Pack a spare set of PJ and work clothes in your handcarry.
3. Continue not to believe in the USA domestic baggage handling system. They suck at it. Even if you drag your luggage to the other terminal yourself, they will have ways to lose it too.
4. Pack all stuff into one luggage so that you do not have to pay for cart.
5. Print the driving direction and give to the cab driver. If they read you are in luck. Else you have to read to them how to go to destination.
6. Tipping is NOT compulsory.