Friday, April 18, 2008

office at beverly

so i have been here in Beverly (half hour drive from Boston) for almost a week now.

things have gotten better since the ordeal.

my colleagues are all very nice. julie my US counterpart picks me up from hotel and drive me to office every day (5 mins drive). she also drives me back and even offer to have dinner with me. at lunchtime, there is always someone who will take me to the cafeteria for lunch (yes, they pay and charge back to company).

so, it has been very nice.

only problem is, i keep getting electrocuted!

i seem to have a lot of static electricity, on monday and tuesday, i keep getting 电 when i shake people's hands. so much so, i am afraid of shaking people's hands i will tell them. i met at least 30 people so i got zapped 25 times (last 5 i just tell them i am charged).

the office/factory compound is huge, almost the size of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. cafeteria is very nice. they got salads, sandwiches, pizza, soups, etc. and price is cheaper than mall and fast food restaurants. of course much cheaper than hotel.

tonight the regional planner in charge of singapore took me out for dinner. he is italian and he looks like a younger robert de niro! hehe... he tells me he cooks and bakes. wow... i was impressed.. i told him a lot of things about singapore and malaysia and japan.

these were what we had.

this was asian chicken roll. the skin is flour based. nothing crispy like popiah. it was quite dense flour. the filling is chicken with broken bee hoon. served with peanut sauce. quite nice actually. much better than the chinese food i had in canada 17 years ago!

this was grilled chicken (breast). not dry at all it was quite juicy. i dunno why chicken breast in singapore are all very dry..


auntie p said...

Maybe they add chemical tenderiser on the chicken breast meat in US, or they use the hammer?

Botak Jones also serve nicely marinated chicken breast meat that's not dry, e.g. their Cajun chicken.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Haha, KSN, I had the same electrifying experience when I went Beijing in winter. When I touch a human being I will set off this "piak" sound and then a painful pin prick sensation where I come into contact with the clothes/skin. The air is too dry, you need to moisturise lots and try to "discharge" your static by touching metal parts eg metal handles. It works :)