Monday, April 14, 2008

happier post

so the first 2 posts i blogged about usa are bad.

this is going to be a happier post lah. partly bcos my luggage finally arrived, and not without incident lor.

luckily i was hanging around the lobby, when the front desk staff came and tell me my luggage came (i was blogging the other post and COMPLAINING and WHINING). happily i went out to see, only to find the bag WAS NOT MINE. heck, it wasnt even red!

heng the (stupid) driver still at the driveway. then i got MINE back.

during the last 22 hours, besides COMPLAINING and WHINING, i also wondered why a series of suay things happened to me.

i came up with 2 conclusions:-

1) ksn's theory as to why the US airlines keep losing money. bcos they keep losing passenger luggage, they have to pay for claims and courier service to deliver to passenger hotels.

2) the logistics here sucked because my luggage arrived at boston airport at 1pm but it was delivered to me only at 10.30pm. surely this is a sign to make me feel what my customers may feel if the parts they order come late, especially if it is critical? that means i must work really hard to ensure my company's logistics work, and send the RIGHT PARTS

wow, i am so blown away with my 2 findings...

i must have been very bored in the last 22 hours lah. haha.. i shall go take a shower and do my face mask and pamper my body a bit...

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imp said...

actually hor, when i travel to africa, europe and US, i always pack a spare change of clothes in my cabin luggage. because everytime i travel economy, i damn suay- my check-in luggage ends up being delayed. and twice, it was completely lost in dunno-which-cargo-hold. ugh.