Sunday, April 13, 2008

10 reasons why i dislike US... and its only day 1

1) must pay (!) for cart at airport - USD3 (no, it is not deposit, like our supermarket trolley, put in USD3 never get back one)

2) must pay for bottled water (USD2.50!!) in hotel room

3) luggage didnt come on time (i am still waiting, it got left behind at Newark airport)

4) cab driver didnt know the town i am staying. i arrived 1.5 hours late (should have been a 20min drive). that is after getting lost at 11pm in some pitch dark town and asking for directions. in the end he gave up and i took another cab.

5) amenities in hotel very poor (it's USD129 per night, breakfast not free somemore)

6) cannot find anything to eat except pretezels, chips, sandwich.

7) no in-room slippers (what the????)

8) no fridge in room - must ask one

9) boston (which i wanted to go) is half an hour away and cost USD93 one-way

10) cab is expensive (which equates to i will prob stay in this miserable hotel most times)

and counting!

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