Thursday, April 10, 2008

more ramen!

in the vicinity of toyoko inn at otsuka station, there are many small shops specialising in ramen.

this is hakata ramen. the broth is thick and rich, supposedly made from pork bones and cooked for long time. a bit too jelat for me, nevertheless, it was nice to try something different.

the following 2 ramen and chicken karaage is from a cool little ramen shop called sun ramen, which i did not see anywhere else in tokyo. so i dont think it is a franchise (yet).

this ramen is chicken flavour, with lots of seaweed (green stuff), and the cook put a slice of grapefruit inside, which i squeezed and it was pleasantly refreshing!

this ramen is the one i am going to rave about. it is actually the shop specialty - sun cheese ramen, made from tomato paste. you can say it is something like pasta? but it is flavourful with tomato and cheese, but at the same time light and not jelat. very nice!

this karaage (fried chicken) was foc. i redeemed it with a coupon on my 2nd visit there.

the cook and staff were also very nice. the shop is open kitchen concept, so you can see your ramen cooked right in front of your eyes. i didnt take a photo of the shop after the stupid shouting incident at yanaka ginza.

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