Sunday, April 27, 2008

this personal pizza from pizza hut was very very nice. the crust was thin (though it looked thick to me). there were a lot of cheese and sausage inside. it cost U$4 only. cheaper and much nicer than our local pizza hut.

i had lots of clam chowder at different places.

this indian tandoori chicken set from my office cafeteria. chicken was edible. rice was.. er... not very good. it was a big portion though, for a price of U$7

this lobster quesadilla was very nice, though it could do better with more lobster! the lobster meat was very sweet and juicy!

this grilled shrimp pasta was a little weird in taste. sourish, and dunno why they put pieces of pork and corn inside this dish. the combination was weird...

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imp said...

now you'll be an expert on what makes a good clam chowder!!