Monday, April 14, 2008

the teary flight

i cried a lot during my 19 hour flight. watched the following movies

1) 恋空 a japanese story about a high school girl's love. she went through virgin sex, had miscarriage, later boyfriend broke up with her because he had cancer (but of course never told her), and how they came back together and finally boyfriend died. cried the most during this show

2) Le Grand Chef, korean movie about a talented chef against his evil 师兄, i think this show was in singapore late last year. i cried when the chef had to slaughter his own cow whom he has kept since she was small

3) PS I Love You - a touching story about how a woman cope with the loss of her Irish husband. Husband wrote letters to her to help her cope with his death. Starring Hilary Swank. dunno if this movie was in Singapore? i never watch movies at home one

4) National Treasure 2 - the sequel starring Nicholas Cage

the service on SQ soon to be discontinued executive economy class was very much better than i had expected. there was definitely more leg room and i could cross my legs. also, i had once upon a looooong time ago took business class, and this ee class is almost like raffles class - crew was attentive and there was even a self service snack bar. i had 4 packs of nachos and 1 pack of pretzel!

the meals were however definitely economy. i had chicken breast with risotto (aka nuah rice) for lunch and sauteed prawn for dinner. they offered ben and jerry's ice cream bar for dessert but i skipped cos it was HUGE...


cat_aunty said...

Hope you are feeling more upbeat

kuro.shiro.neko said...

yes i am, cat_aunty!

auntie p said...

"PS I love you" was shown in Sg recently, but didn't do so well at the box-office.