Thursday, January 18, 2007

update on slimming program


original weight : 63kg
weight after 1 week : 61kg

not bad not bad... i know what everyone will say, it's probably water loss. however, i only did 1 session of hot blanket wrap (where you sweat out water and toxins). the rest were grueling fat burn cream and cellulite machine treatments (suction cups sucking on surface of skin).

the weighing machine (i dont know what the official name is, but these can measure your fat amount, BMI and water amount) said i lost 2 kg of fat (i think it's not relative weight), and my water weight actually went up (i am drinking more water and taking fruits, etc).

good news is, i have got over my 扣肉 withdrawal! in fact, now i crave for more fruits than fatty and oily stuff.

it also helped that i have to keep a food journal, which the consultant will review for me.

maybe there is hope to stick to the healthy diet afterall.

ps however, there were times i cheated, like yesterday, office had many many croissants from a hotel. i actually pigged out and felt very very guilty afterwards :(


cat_aunty said...

Whah, keep it up. If your eating habits change, the weight will not bounce back.

50kg by CNY??

KXBC said...

Clap clap clap clap clap....yay...jia you

5 more kg and I'll give you a char siew bao treat.

cat_aunty is very aggressive. 50kg is like 13kg off her previous weight. Too much already. Based on your height, should aim for approx 55 to 57kg, depending on your bone structure.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

cat_aunty : like what kxbc said, quite impossible for me to lose 13kg lah. cos i am big boned.

in fact, my hip bones are very broad.

i am looking more at 58kg, perhaps with some very occasional snacking of sinful stuff.. hur hur hur..

kxbc : i want the best char siew bao ok!

KXBC said...

I have a Teck Ghee char siew pau shop near my place. Very the good. But I'll limit your treat to just one pau so that you do not spoil your new figure.

Jia you!!!

auntie p said...

Pigged out on croissants? Very high in fat leh. To lose 2kg of fat in 1 wk is very very good! Keep it up!

Did the consultant say how to maintain the weight after you go off the diet? CNY goodies coming, u know?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

auntie p : luckily, i am not really into CNY goodies. hee..

plus i am very fussy - only eat high quality homemade ones. pineapple tarts must be the open face one. not the nougat shaped type.