Thursday, January 11, 2007

comments on treatment


after this slimming program, i will 乖乖 stick to a sensible diet and exercise regularly.

kxbc was right in saying they shrink-wrap people up. but he didnt mention that beneath the shrink wrap is a thick layer of fat burning cream that is very hot!

luckily, after the wrap is cut out (fortunately, there is no hard sell in the place i signed up with), my skin returned back to normal in no time.

well, you know what they say, no pain no gain.

i barely made it through the 1st session. after today's 2nd session, i will post some details of the process.


KXBC said...

If it is just water you lose, then it's not weight loss already. But good luck to your next 11 treatment sessions.

cat_aunty said...

oh u have pix of you being wrapped like a bacang?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

kxbc : unlike spa with body wrap, this one is not water loss as there's no perspiration. this one is hard core fat burn.

having said that, give me water loss anytime. cos it's less painful!

cat_aunty : i will see if i have any chance to take a photo. but no promise on this one... hee..

Mary said...

You mentioned about 'fat burning cream that is very hot'; is the cream meant to produce such sensation; if not, you could be allergy to this cream and feeling it's side effect. Please check with the beauty consultant on this point in your next visit. After each wrapping, do drink lots of water as it's supposed to help to flush out the toxins from your body.

KXBC said...

Do you know that before we grow fat, the number of fat cells in our body is low. And as we grow fatter, we create fat cells (think of it as a plastic bag) and inject fat into them, therefore making us fat. It is more difficult and takes a longer time to create fat cells than to inject fat into the fat cells.

When we lose fat, either via diet, exercise, creams or what have you, you will lose the fat but not the fat cells. The fat cells just become empty, waiting for the chance to balloon up again.

Therefore, once we get fat and even if we manage to slim down again, it takes a much shorter time to become fat again even there is no effort to manage the empty fat cells via exercise and diet.

Sad truth. That's why you will need to maintain your diet and exercise regime even after your 12 sessions. Don't give the fat cells another chance.

auntie p said...

ksn: you shd take a "before" and "after" pic.

Mr kxbc seems very experience in the weight loss segment, hor?