Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stay put spa or overseas holiday?

with only 29 days away from my last day of work in la la land (read : nothing to do cos my foreign boss wont delegate), it would be almost impossible to go overseas for a decent holiday (forget the neighbouring country, not shortlisted by moi)!

gasp! how can?? no one starts a new job without a holiday!!

besides, it's probably my last chance to take leave in a while (there must be so much shit piling up my new company is buying me out).

没办法啦,只好待在这里,pay double the price for spa, which i could have had in bangkok, phuket or bali.

then again, 33岁了,觉得自己越来越怕死。

all the bombings and air crashes made me think twice about holiday...

oh well, i guess this hotel and this spa also not bad lah...



Anonymous said...


Happy New Year and Happy Belated Birthday to you! Congrats on the new job too!! (thanks for calling me up to let me know, am sure you must be really excited) Hehe. And what's wrong with my side of the causeway? :P


kuro.shiro.neko said...

your side of the causeway - too dangerous! i very kiasee one nowadays. lol :D

cat_aunty said...

Well, it is not really scared of dying lah, just one have to be cautious loh....What will happen to your kitties if something happen to you eh???

If prawns, so be it loh.