Sunday, January 21, 2007

hello bambi

shadow was sent back to the foster as we thought it wouldnt work out in the long run.

not only was there inappropriate elimination, he has become coco's practice target. and due to the attacks, he has become very jittery, nervous and would freak out easily.

freak out = attack whoever was near him (not cats, humans). i have got so many "souvenir marks" from him.

anyhow, i decided to take a smaller kitten so that the intro would be easier. this is what she looks like.

look at her long hind legs and pom pom tail! exactly like bambi...

keep fingers and toes and legs crossed...


auntie p said...

Good luck with Bambi.

Actually, most of the black community cats I've encountered are almost all (like 98%) very docile and manja one, and very lovely.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

aunite_p : i agree with you. i think shadow'e behaviour was stress-induced.

anyhow, foster told me that he is very happy now. i guess he was just not fated to be in our family.

bambi (aka xena aka powerpuff) is doing extremely well! and she's been here only for 2 days. will update more later.