Friday, January 05, 2007

shadow anyhow 大便!

anyone knows how to stop improper elimination.

our dear prince of darkness, shadow, is doing his business everywhere except the litterbox!

he has his own litterbox in his own room. and so far, he has taken a liking to my white ikea chair and the floor.

well, i dont think he does not know the litterbox, cos he has done business inside before. so i really scratch head wonder how to make him go in the right place.

anyone? help!!!


cat_aunty said...

Oh no,not you too! Catdonna used to have that problem too....with Pip

KXBC said...

I still have that problem with my XX. Has been almost a year already. She was never like this before that. She was my cleanest cat.

Nothing we did helped. She kept pooping just outside the litterbox. But pee, she does it inside.

We changed box ocation, litter. Nothing works. We suspect CC must have scared her so badly when she was doing her big biz one time that she now does not dare to use the box for pooping anymore. I think I may have to pick up after her for at least another 10 years.

cat_aunty said...

why not you put out many litter boxes? Or at a more secluded place not likely to spook her?

KXBC said...

I already have 2 boxes, scooped twice a day and washed every 4 days. :( Anymore I will die cleaning.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

oh no... does that mean i have to pick up cat poop for the next 15 years or more??

KXBC said...

I caught CC springing a surprise attack on XX while she was pooping outside. XX was real uneasy pooping and just wanted to get the business done fast. I think I found the problem. Now I have to search for the solution.

XX is quite terrified of CC though I have no idea why since CC is smaller in build and only slightly stronger. Does 2 hollow sacs with the insides removed make a cat more aggressive?