Friday, January 12, 2007

side effects of slimming

ok, i know i am very 贱, but i simply have no discipline!

i lurve 扣肉 and the likes, friends "donate" their chicken skin during meals, i lurve all the unhealthy food.

did i mention i dont eat fruits? (yes, even if they're sliced very nicely and arranged on a plate and served to me)

till now. pay so much better make sure see some effect mah.

diet now :- fruits for breakfast
apple, tofu, fybogel before lunch and dinner
no fried stuff, no skin, no 扣肉 , no canned drink

thankfully, this is only for the duration of the slimming treatment.

want me to eat like that for the rest of my life, can die ah..

but, having said that, i definitely do not want to put myself through the fat burning sessions (hot, hot, hot!). therefore, next time, only once a week for 扣肉 , dunno can or not?

luckily, my new company actually has a gym onsite! yay! no excuse not to exercise liao. but never say never... humans are known to give excuses, terrible ones.

so... just keep checking back this blog to see if ksn will really defy all lazy bones in her body to exercise or not lah.


The Imp said...


heeeee. never mind. 'suffer' this starting thing and just maintain the weight after that and check the loss slowly!

make sure no stretch marks hor. apply the stretch mark creams.

cat_aunty said...

Ahhhh yes, 扣肉 was my downfall too...your diet seems very strict. But I agree with the no canned drinks, unless it is diet coke or sprite zero. Does the current diet give you enough energy for day to day activities? Exercises will spped up the weight loss. And watch out for those flu bugs!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

cat_aunty, actually i can eat normal food, the apple, tofu and fybogel's supposed to "line the stomach", according to slimming centre.

personally i find it makes me quite full, and i can successfully cut down on carbos like rice during lunch/dinner. i stll eat veg and meat (but they stipulate 2 portions veg for every portion meat). but 扣肉 is a no no lor...

after only 2 days, i feel some detox effect : some nausea, tongue bland. no issue on the energy level. i definitely dont feel hungry at any time. just that i am craving for 扣肉 and spring chicken!!!

KXBC said...

I love chicken skin, especially those on KFC original version (no breast meat please). Yum yum.

I read somewhere that people go for detox nowadays as they are stuffing themselves silly with junk food. With a good proper diet (meaning lots of fruits and vege), there is really no need for detox.

Yup, no soft drinks. Banish them from your fridge and as an after meals drink. Choose water instead. Cheap and good.

Just to let you know I don't follow any of the above. Muahahaha...

auntie p said...

To maintain the weight loss, you'll have to develop a taste for healthier/bland food. When eating dry meepok, ask for no oil, and no gravy when eating mixed vegetable rice from the hawker centre - I find these will save on lots of calories. Can still indulge once in a while lah, but must exercise.

KXBC said...

Eat mee pok soup. Even less calories since less oil from the sauce. That is if you like noodle soup.

KXBC said...

ksn, isn't fybogel taken for constipation problems? If you have no constipation problem, why would they want you to take fibogel? Might as well take fibre straight from vegetables?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

according to the consultant, taking fybogel is meant to "line" the stomach so that the carbo is not readily absorbed. i think in some way, it works like those "carbo blocker" pills sold in gnc.

so far, it seems to serve as a filler and i would actually eat less for my meal. well, even if it doesnt work, fybogel is not a bad source of fibre since it's mainly pysillium husks.