Sunday, December 18, 2005

xmas shopping madness

i went to Junction 8 at 7.30pm, thinking i would finish shopping and be home by 9pm (intention was to buy fancl stuff at 20% off and grab a pizza on the way back). boy, did i underestimated the power of cheap deals, or should i say, super cheap deals.

1) 20% storewide discount at Fancl J8
2) spend $30 and buy a carton of Pokka drink for $1
3) sure-win lucky dip of Oto and Osim prizes (Uzap, Power Stretch, Eye Relaxer, Portable Bike, etc)

thinking it was still early, i took a peek at action city on the 4th level (and got a ゲロロ tikam - couldnt resist!). by the time i headed to the fancl store, the q was up to the back of the annex. ended up q-ing for almost an hour, before grabbing my essentials. while q-ing, kept seeing people winning prizes at 3), which made me contemplate for a while - should i or shouldnt i?

i heard today J8's having midnight shopping madness. well, i'm definitely not mad or desperate enuf to q for 2) and 3).

i guess i could always buy xmas presents ahead of xmas, or even after xmas, but hey, i would be missing out on great deals, wont i? and half the fun is banging people with my sturdy aussino paper bags to get through the crowd (tough bedsheets indeed).. heehee...

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marwin said...

No wonder you still awake this morning.
How wonderful that we could know the each other from time to time via net.
So, come to mine from time to time lor!