Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i won a 7 night accomodation prize


was trotting down orchard road this afternoon (with prized tikams just purchased) when i was approached by a young lad.

"you are singaporean? can do a short survey?"

what the heck, i looked at the paper, survey looked short enuf, no need to give personal particulars (there are some which solicits your address, phone number, ic number, etc etc)

lad asked a fwe questions, and within 3 minutes, survey was completed.

wait there's more.

to thank me, he whipped out 2 lucky draw coupons which i was supposed to peel on the spot.

one of which, had a building icon and he flipped his folder.

"congrats! you won 7 night accomodation in a city of your choice!"

of course there's a catch i thought, but seems like knowing my thoughts, he flipped to the page that has an official letter from the company.

blah blah blah...

we are not a time share company

but, i have to sit through a video presentation for 80 minutes. and i had to do it RIGHT NOW.

lad says, if you can do this (no obligation to purchase anything he added), he would get a bonus of $100.

still half suspicious, i followed him to the "video presentation".

at the heeren traffic light, he asked, are you single, do you have a boyfriend? i am like, what's the relevance?

"well, if you are attached, you have to bring your partner to the 80 minute presentation".

"but i can be single now and get married on 1 Jan cant i?"

"yes, but if you are attached, you and your partner have to come together".

i was really puzzled. what does this got to do with the prize i just won?

"oh, if you can show me your credit card, you can get $30 shopping voucher too"

by which time, traffic light turned green, i got really cynical.

and proceeded with my tikam shopping in the opposite direction.

sorry pal, if you cant get your $100. then again, i doubt there's really a $100.


The Imp said...

i was seriously confused half way through. duh...!! an 80min video?? luckily you ran away. don't let them brainwash you!

marwin said...

I've ever met once with my femail friend here in Taiwan.
There must be something wrong in there!