Monday, December 12, 2005

10 reasons why iPod is better than "you know which" brand

meow, this one's for you!

10) battery life's apparently longer
9) sleek wheel vs cumbersome buttons
8) slender body and streamlined shape
7) rounded edge vs awkward petruding "you know which" brand
6) its back doubles as mirror
5) colour LCD
4) fun and colourful accessories
3) never mind the price of 4)
2) even box is very nice and compact (vs "you know which" brand)
1) fast power on/off (yes, i was so surprised i actually asked ishop person, "is there something wrong with my ipod? cos the power on/off is very fast. oh, you mean it's THAT fast?", and was embaressed when I got "the which planet are you from "look from him)