Saturday, December 17, 2005

new restautant in u.s.

went to a new restaurant near u.s. shopping centre last night. it's on u.s. road near lim tua tow road.

name of the restaurant was quite misleading. "macau portuguese barbeque"

they had cheese baked pork chop, xinjiang bbq with mutton, portuguese nut fried rice on the menu. also, cheese baked mussels, or should it be, baked cheese mussels?

unfortunately, my other half is allergic to shell fish..

anyone interested, pls "jio" me for dinner :)

oh, for dont know how long, they are giving away free drink & dessert (mango pudding)

we had this, can anyone tell what it is?

note : other dishes were gobbled down before pics can be taken

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