Sunday, December 04, 2005

it's 牛乳 not 乳牛! (one of the test questions, which i answered incorrect)

this morning went to The Japanese School @ Upper Changi Road North. as expected the road leading to the school was jam packed! nevertheless, still had some time to capture some shots of the school.

main atrium where we're supposed to check which classroom to go to.

big banner, some motto of the school i think... er, my japanese not that good yet ah..

i think it says, "of the child who is full of the hearts that can think by oneself and make a decision and can carry out"

really cute low basins for junior high kids!

everyone has gone into the classrooms


marwin said...

How about your test?

Dawn said...

Yeah how it did to go?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

it was ok, except i got carried away with reading the passages! ended up no time to finish the comprehension-grammar paper. will have to go again next year. haha...

Zero said...

先輩、I was there to take my JLPT4 too :)