Tuesday, December 20, 2005

top 10 reasons why you should not shop at iShop

for a super "yim chim" (ie. fussy) person like me, the new apple cente at wheelock has my vote!

10) staff wear luminous green tees instead of moody black
9) staff are younger instead of haggard and/or hung over
8) wider range of accessories
7) brighter lighting in shop
6) merchandise at eye level (vs have to bend down and/or over)
5) staff not hanging around the display iPod sets
4) they're actually greeting and serving customers!
3) cashiers who are actually PAYING ATTENTION to what they are doing
3) and not making small talk with the sales staff, right in front of customers
2) so that they know exactly what they have scanned and invoiced
1) staff clear on exchange policy, so I dont have to repeat my story over and over

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