Friday, March 21, 2008

weather is kind to me

today started with light drizzle and very strong wind.

luckily, the sky cleared up, there was even some sun!

still, the cats didnt come out to play :((

tomorrow, i will be going to the cat cafe.

die die must see cats on this trip (yes, even if need to pay $$)

ps today is a day of taking wrong train. i did it twice!! after alight from my train, somehow feeling the excitement of rush with other passengers, i instinctively cross the platform to board the train. haha... luckily, it is a habit of mine to check the next station name, so as to confirm (er, yah lah, a bit ks). so had to turn back lor. wasted some time and some energy... hehe..

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auntie p said...

Things normally appear when one least expect them. Heh!