Monday, March 03, 2008

toilet or no toilet

should i stay in a traditional ryokan with no attached bathroom, one night 4,000yen (approx $52) or a normal business hotel per night 6,300yen (approx $82)?

dunno whether can tahan 4-5 nights without private bathroom leh... so far, i only stayed 1 night in a ryokan (and that's bearable)..

choice between privacy and $$$!!!


imp said...

the difference is about ~S$150. i'd pay to have privacy. it's 5 nights leh. if it's 2, i might just tahan the communcal bathroom. but 5, i cannot.

auntie p said...

Haiya, if you can go to Hokkaido until sian, what's a few more dollars for an attached bathroom?

Unlike me, who can only afford one vacation a year. *sob*


kuro.shiro.neko said...

auntie p, of course i can afford the bathroom. however being the cheapo kiasu singaporean that i am, of course can save a few dollar MORE to buy stuff is always welcome mah... it's almost half price leh...

imp, forgot to add that total is 8 nights, and not 5. so the total saving is $200.

$200 leh!! *eyes pop out* can buy a lot of pocky.. hehe..

KXBC said...

If the ryokan has a resident cat, I will take the ryokan. Their business hotels also quite cramped for 8 nights. Toilets so small until almost cannot turn.

But I do know most ladies have this thing about en-suite toilets. They are usually very particular about this. Most men I know, don't really care.

The choice is clear: Got cat then ryokan, else hotel. :)

kuro.shiro.neko said...

alamak, kxbc, you dont expect me to ask when booking, "neko ga imasu ka?".. wont they think i am crazy?.. come here to see cat or to stay??

anyhow, have decided most nights to stay in business hotel. yes, it's a girl's thing. i need to put mask and also soak in bathtub etc..

KXBC said...

Actually some of these ryokans may place that info on their websites. There are potential guests who do not like/are afraid of cats so this is like a pre-warning. Then there are those who likes cats and would specifically look for one. Or those who do not mind a cat walking in and out of their room.